2020-03 Virtual Hands-on Raspberry Pi Robotics

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Our virtual hands-on Raspberry Pi robotics camp integrates live online instructor-led classes (synchronous) and virtual simulations (asynchronous) to learn to design and program Raspberry Pi robots using Python. No real robot is needed as students connect to and program robots located at an “undisclosed location” via the internet. Students will learn basic Python commands and syntax and then complete different challenges each session and be able watch their robots perform. Live classes are offered Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays with varied times to accommodate all of our students. Simulation Labs can be completed online anytime afterwards, but prior to the next live online class. REQUIREMENTS: Students must have access to a Windows PC and download and install both Python and necessary communications software. The software is free.


Make your day/time selections when registering:


Virtual Raspberry Pi Robotics  (5-8 Grade) – WEDNESDAY 4:15-5:15

Virtual Raspberry Pi Robotics  (5-8 Grade) – THURSDAY 1:45-2:45

Virtual Raspberry Pi Robotics  (5-8 Grade) – FRIDAY 5:30-6:30